When it comes to valeting your car, you can rest assured that you’re investing in the best of the best for both the inside and outside of your vehicle when calling upon PRO-Valet. We use only the finest equipment to achieve high end results that you’re sure to love, whether you use your vehicle for the school run or for more commercial purposes.

Our team offers a Gold Standard Valet service as well as additional services including paint protection and ceramic coatings to help your car looking its very best, and stay looking it’s very best, for the long term.

Gold Standard Valets

Our team will work on both the inside and outside of your vehicle with our Gold Standard Valet service. Just some of the valeting services that go into our Gold Standard Valet include a full wash and shampoo, treatment and protection of interiors and so much more, so get in touch to book us in.

We only collect and do on-site, meaning our service is incredibly convenient as well as being a cost-effective way of keeping your vehicle looking great all day, every day.

Paint Protection

Paintwork damage is a common problem for all cars, and is very frustrating as a vehicle owner when you notice that your paintwork has been damaged; in most cases for no fault of your own. However, our paint protection can give you additional peace of mind.

An invisible coating applied over the top of your paintwork, it can help protect against scratches, scuffs and marks that would have otherwise affected appearance and required repair work to resolve.

Ceramic Coatings

Achieving a gloss like finish at the same time as providing highly effective protection for your paintwork, the use of ceramic coatings on vehicles is growing in popularity.

We have access to the very finest products which have undergone significant testing to ensure they achieve high end results, and are ready and waiting to let you experience all of their benefits. By increasing the hardness and durability of your paintwork, you can wave goodbye to those annoying scratches and scuffs for good.

Get In Touch with our Team Today

For more information about our Gold Standard Valet service, or if you’d like to protect your paintwork through our paint protection or ceramic coating services, get in touch with our team at PRO-Valet today.